In everyday life we encounter more and more carbon dioxide information. However, it's difficult to understand the magnitude of the numbers told. What does a kilogram of CO2 really mean?

Convert between a CO2 amount to other units as cups of tea or hours in flight.

Compare between two different emissions, for instance how many carrots are equivalent to a kilo of beef?

Use our API to convert CO2 to a more understandable number and use it on your own site.

Our carbon data comes from AMEE and from KTH research. Some assumptions were made in this application and the data is mostly is localized to Sweden. See all references.

The technologies behind the site includes HTML, Rails and jQuery. The project is released as open source and the code can be found at GitHub.

Statistics about the usage can be found here. is an application from the Centre for Sustainable Communications at KTH, Stockholm. was developed by David Kjelkerud, Henrik Berggren and Jorge Zapico at Ecomo09, an environmental hacking day in London.